Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee is appointed by the City Council and act as the liaison between the public & City Council on matters related to public safety services.

Functions of the Public Safety Committee

  1. The Committee shall advise City Council on matters relating to Law Enforcement including but not limited to; policing, crime prevention and emergency services.
  2. The Committee shall work closely with the Orange County Fire Department to advise City Council on emergency response for fire, medical and other cities.
  3. The Committee will provide valuable input related to the City's emergency preparedness efforts and goals.

Public Safety Commissioners

Commissioner: Adam Ontiveros
Commissioner: Jenny L. Lacayo
Commissioner: Michael Bates
Commissioner: Jerome Harold Ristrom
Commissioner: Vacant
Commissioner: Vacant


The Public Safety Committee is an advisory committee which meets every three months.  It is the duty of the Committee to serve as a liaison between the public and the City Council, and provide recommendations to the City Council on matters related to Public Safety services.