Single Family or Duplex Additions

Remember to always check with the Planning Division and Engineering Division to confirm zoning and engineering requirements prior to beginning your project!

(Please provide three (3) complete sets)

  • Cover Sheet Information: address of project; name, address & phone number of project owner; name, address, phone number, title & registration information of project design professional; applicable editions of state & local codes; description of project; occupancy classification(s) for all building areas; type of construction; gross building area per floor; building height; fire sprinkler system (yes/no); an index of drawings.
  • Wet Signature & Stamp of Project Designer(s) Is Required On All Drawings
  • Site Plan: (indicate scale); lot dimensions; dimensions which indicate the distances from all existing and proposed buildings to adjacent property lines; north arrow; identification of all streets and right-of-ways adjacent to the site with dimensions showing distances from the center line and edge lines of each adjacent right-of-ways to the adjoining property lines and existing buildings; location of easements and visible utilities on site; parking layout and location of all driveways, curb cuts and site entrances; location of all fire hydrants within 500 feet of site; vicinity map
  • Grading/Drainage Plan: (indicate scale); tops & toes of slopes; grade/pad elevations, ground slope drainage scheme & topographical details; retaining walls & drainage systems.
  • Landscape Plan: (indicate scale); irrigation & planting schedule; accessory structures, walkways, pools, decks, sheds, etc.
  • Architectural Plans: (indicate scale); exterior building elevations to include maximum building height expressed in survey datum and absolute vertical height; floor plans identifying all room areas & uses; building sections to include a section at the maximum building height and natural and finish grades; details of all fire-rated assemblies; stairway, handrail & guardrail details; window & glazing schedule; door schedule; room finish schedule (flame spread ratings); flashing details; roof covering specifications; exterior wall covering specifications, color, etc.
  • Structural Plans: (indicate scale); footing/foundation plan; floor framing plan; roof framing plan; structural frame details; manufactured & signed by design engineer (including ID #'s and splice & connection details); structural material specifications; etc.
  • Plumbing Plans: site utility plan; complete plumbing plans sufficient to show the size and location of all plumbing fixtures, appliances, piping, tubing, venting, grease & sand traps, etc.; pipe size calculations (waste/vent, water, roof drain); indicate whether appliances are gas-operated, electric, or otherwise; etc.
  • Mechanical Plans: complete mechanical plans and/or specifications sufficient to identify the size and location of all heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment; equipment schedule with BTU ratings; gas pipe sizing calculations; smoke/fire damper locations; etc.
  • Electrical Plans: complete electrical plans which identify the location and capacity of the main service equipment and all distribution panels, detail all computed loads and ground-fault calculations, and show the location of all receptacles, switches, lighting fixtures, exit lights/signs, etc.


  • Structural Calculations
  • Title 24 energy calculations and forms: Complete energy documentation (including all required calculations); Form CF- 1 R, all parts completely filled out and signed, and reproduced on the plans; Form MF- 1 R, all parts completely filled out and reproduced on the plans.

OTHER DOCUMENTS - 2 SETS (as required)

  • Geotechnical (Soils) Report
  • Stipulation of required special inspections & other structural inspections per Section 106.3.2 and 106.3.5, (2001 California Building Code)
  • Evidence of Lead Testing (baseline) by Department of Health Services certified inspector of all areas to be disturbed on structure and lead in soils testing of perimeter adjacent to proposed new construction area to be erected prior to commencement of work.
  • School District Receipt (when addition exceeds 500 square feet)
  • Sanitary District Review Stamp