Housing Element Update


What Is A Housing Element? (Click here to learn more)

According to State Law, a Housing Element must:

  • Provide goals, policies, quantified objectives, and scheduled programs to preserve, improve, and develop housing;
  • Identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs for all economic segments of the community;
  • Identify adequate sites zoned and available within the 8-year housing cycle to meet Stanton's fair share of regional housing needs at all income levels;
  • Be certified (approved) by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) as complying with State Law; and
  • Be internally consistent with other parts of the General Plan.

Why Do We Need A Housing Element? 

Having a certified Housing Element ensures:

  • Stanton is eligible for critical State and Federal funds;
  • Local land use control; and 
  • Eligibility for State-administered funding for roads, sewer, parks, housing, and planning.

Without a certified Housing Element, the City is:

  • At risk to lose local land use control, including the ability to issue building permits and zoning authority;
  • Responsible for accomodating an increased number of housing units; 
  • Ineligible for various State-administered funds for roads, sewer, parking, housing, and planning; and
  • Vulnerable to legal challenge of its General Plan.
  • (Click here to learn more)

What Is Included In The Update Process? 

The update process provides a variety of opportunities for the community to be involved, including:

  • Housing surveys;
  • Virtual community workshops;
  • Demographic and existing conditions review;
  • Potential site review; and
  • Public hearings.

When Will This Happen? 

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this schedule is subject to change.

What Does This Update Cover? 

Housing Element Update (6th Cycle 2021-2029)

The City of Stanton is in the process of updating the Housing Element of the General Plan for the planning period between 2021 through 2029. Under State Law, every city and county in California is required to update its Housing Element to address specific requirements and submit the Element to the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for certification.

The Housing Element provides the plan to meet the housing needs of our residents at all economic levels, and address segments of the population with special housing needs. The Housing Element will include:

  1. An assessment of the unique characteristics of the City’s population; 
  2. An inventory of sites suitable for residential development;
  3. An assessment of financial and program resources; and
  4. An analysis of constraints to housing production in Stanton.

This data and analysis will provide the basis for a comprehensive set of policies to address current and future housing needs.

As part of the Housing Element Update, we are asking for the community to provide input regarding housing priorities and challenges. Participation from our residents is vital to ensure our community’s values are identified and articulated in the Housing Element and the City’s approach provides the best fit for our community’s goals, values, and priorities. (Click here to take the survey)

Community Health & Safety Element

As part of the Housing Element update, the Community Health and Safety Element will be reviewed and updated for consistency with State Law, specifically to address climate change and sustainability strategies applicable to the City, as well as safety and health concerns. This review and update will include:

  1. A vulnerability assessment to identify the risks associated with climate change;
  2. A set of sustainability goals, policies, and objectives;
  3. Public safety and health goals, policies, and objectives related to hazards and emergencies; and
  4. Feasible implementation measures to carry out the goals, policies, and objectives identified.

How Many Units Do We Need?

Regional Housing Needs Allocation (6th Cycle 2021-2029)

The Housing Element Update is how the City addresses its assigned fair share of regional housing. This fair share is determined through a Regional Needs Allocation (RHNA) process. The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), with input from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), determines the total housing need for the 2021-2029 period. SCAG then determines the housing allocation for each Southern California city and county. This update must identify enough land zoned for residential use to accommodate the City's 1,228 unit allocation.

Stanton's draft allocation of 1,228 units, which is broken down by income groups, as shown in the table as follows:


SCAG will adopt the final allocation in October 2020. To read more about the RHNA allocation methodology and process, visit SCAG's RHNA and Housing webpage

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How Can I Stay Informed?

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