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Thank you to everyone that attended the virtual outreach meeting for the Stanton Town Center Specific Plan! Your input will help shape the vision for the area. 

If you were not able to attend this meeting, you can review the presentation available in English and Spanish and then provide your input through this online survey. The survey will be open through Friday, January 8th.

Town Center Specific Plan

The City has initiated a long-range plan for transforming the Town Center area into a mixed-use, pedestrian friendly district. The Town Center Specific Plan will serve as the guiding document to provide policy, regulatory and design guidance for public and private land within the project area. The Specific Plan would set forth a plan to serve the needs of the community, including improving existing commercial and industrial areas, enhancing Beach Boulevard, redeveloping the City’s Main Street, and allowing for development of new commercial/retail mixed-use and housing projects.

Specific Plan Objectives 

1) Develop a cohesive, long-range plan for logical growth.
2) Encourage mixed-use development with a focus on transit and pedestrian mobility.
3) Encourage quality development that is compatible with the surrounding area and the community. 

Public Outreach 

The City is in the process of conducting public outreach to obtain community input and developing a vision for the Town Center. Links to the available information associated with the project are provided below: