Parks and Recreation Services

Administration is responsible for the overall department programs and operations including coordination and management of the planning, acquisition, and rehabilitation of all parks and recreation facilities. Implementation of City Council goals and strategies as they relate to the Parks and Recreation Services Department. Maintaining budgetary control and fiscal responsibility for the department budget, staff support to City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission and the Stanton Community Foundation, this division also provides facilitation of resources to community organizations and resident groups.

Recreation Services Division
Veterans Memorial ParkThe Recreation Services Division offers a wide range of programs for toddlers, youth and adults. These programs include year round youth sports, seasonal swim lessons and many life long learning classes such as: early childhood classes, special interest, excursions and health and wellness. Over 75 contractors provide class instruction while professionally trained staff works the after-school programs; youth recreational sports programs and day camps.

Department sponsored annual special events include a College Fair, Community Garage Sale, Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, Annual Car Show, Halloween Fun with Family and Friends, Senior Health Fair, Veterans Day Celebration and Christmas Tree Lighting. Picnic areas, fields, hall rentals and meeting rooms are available for reservation.

Community Services Division
The Community Services Division is responsible for the operation of the Stanton Community Services Center as well as numerous activities and center special events that reach out to our youth and families population. This division offers a wide variety of social and human services programs through the Families and Communities Together (FaCT) Grant. This grant assists the department in providing parenting classes, counseling services, domestic violence prevention, homework assistance, adoption services, early childhood education, commodity and food distribution and after-school programs.

Department sponsored special events include a Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Family Saturday International Celebration and Santa's Siren Event.  One major component of this division is the facilitation of the Stanton Collaborative, a group of forty local Stanton Agencies that meet once a month to discuss various community topics, issues, challenges and services available to the youth and families in the City of Stanton. Our vision for the collaborative is to strengthen and celebrate a diverse community where people have a safe and positive place to grow, build families and enjoy life.

Senior Services Division
The Senior Services Division is responsible for programming that outreach to Stanton's senior population. The division offers a wide variety of activities, which include a daily congregate meal program, exercise programs, educational classes, art education, health promotion, counseling and transportation. The goal of this division is to provide older adults with activities and services that enrich their lives as well as providing them the ability to live independently. The Senior Services Division provides a variety of services that enhance the lives of seniors, creating a positive and successful aging experience.