Capital Improvement Program

Citywide Sidewalk Repair
This program involves the repair of sidewalks that are damaged in the City due to the up-lifting of concrete from tree roots, deterioration due to age or other natural occurrences.

Pavement Maintenance
This program involves the repair of damaged or deteriorating pavement throughout the City. 

Pedestrian Accessibility
This program is for the installation of new concrete or the repair of concrete on sidewalks as well as installation of ado ramps and truncated domes.

Slurry Seal
This annual City program provides preventative maintenance of city streets in order to increase the usable lifespan of the City's street system. 

Street & Crosswalk Improvement
This project will provide Americans with Disabilities better accessible crosswalks within the City. 

Street Sign Programs
This program will replace street signs throughout the City to ensure that they are complaint with new standards. 

Street Light Installation
This project will repair and install street light throughout the City. 

Sewer Line Replacement
Provides for annual replacement of sewer lines as needed within the City. 

Local Paving
This program involves the repaving of streets throughout the City.

Red Curb Painting
This program provides for the painting of red curbs at various location in the City.