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City of Stanton Unveils New Solar-Powered Bus Shelters

Nov 17 2016

The City of Stanton was thrilled to unveil the first of ten new solar-powered bus shelters located along Beach Boulevard! The unveiling was held at the bus shelter located in the Plaza on the Boulevard Shopping Center on Monday, October 31, 2016.

The new bus shelters will be located at the bus stops with the highest usage and were designed to provide solar-power lighting at night for both advertisement visibility and safety of patrons. Shelters feature a backless bench for patrons to sit upon, silver posts and a canopy accentuated with a “Stanton Blue” color.

The City of Stanton is also pleased to announce new bus shelters had no impact on the City’s General Fund. Shelters were funded through a private-public partnership with Focus Media Group, Inc., the firm responsible for the maintenance of bus benches and shelters in the City.

The shelter project is just one of many projects that will increase the aesthetics and functionality along Beach Boulevard for residents and guests. Recently, the City completed a new intersection at Village Center Drive and new landscaping/signage improvements within the Beach Boulevard median. Upcoming projects include new storm drains, undergrounded utility wires and LED lighting.

The City of Stanton looks forward to sharing all of the exciting improvements happening in the City!


City of Stanton News and Announcements
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