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Kermore Lane Residents Enjoy “New” Street

Feb 23 2017

Stanton, Calif. – February 23, 2017 –– Stanton Kermore Lane residents are finally driving on a smooth street after years of traveling on a dirt road which lacked curbs and gutters. The area known as Kermore Lane belonged to the County of Orange until March 2012 when Stanton City Council authorized the City to move forward with the annexation of the Kermore Island from the County.
In June 2012, the Kermore Island was officially annexed to the City of Stanton and as such, one of the City’s priorities was to improve the neighborhood’s street by constructing a new asphalt street that included curbs and gutters. In order to bring the street up to current design standards, the County of Orange provided the City with $568,000 to construct street improvements on Kermore Lane from Knott Avenue to Lowden Street.

The street design was completed shortly thereafter, but City staff was informed that 41 new homes were soon to be built on the street. Due to heavy equipment and new utilities in the construction of the new homes, there would be significant damage to the street. Staff did not want this damage to occur to the new street and decided to delay the street construction project until the homes were completed.

In 2016, the new homes were completed and the street construction project was put out to bid and awarded to Excel Paving. The construction of the street was recently completed and looks wonderful. More importantly, residents have a smooth street to drive on and it no longer floods as it had done in the past. Many residents have expressed their gratitude for the improvements and aesthetics of their neighborhood.

“The transformation of the street is remarkable and another indication of the continual improvement of our infrastructure,” commented Allan Rigg, Stanton Public Works Director/City Engineer.


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