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Money Savings Tips from SoCal Gas

Aug 07 2017

Summer Means More Energy Usage

As temperatures rise, our energy usage follows. But, there are small changes we can perform to make a powerful difference this summer.

Natural gas is responsible for approximately 60 percent of the electricity generated in California. With limited availability of stored natural gas to act as a safety net, there are fewer resources to produce electricity, increasing the risk of power outages.

SoCalGas® and other energy providers of Southern California have come together to provide more information to you through Conserve Energy SoCal.

Visit to learn:
•    How energy conservation works
•    Conservation strategies
•    Outage preparation and more

Quick Tips:
•    Set your air conditioning to 78° or higher
•    Turn off all unnecessary lights
•    Postpone using major appliances until after 9:00 p.m.

More tips at Conserve Energy SoCal


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