Tuesday, May 31, 2016
City Departments : Administration

James A. Box, City Manager

Department Overview
The City Manager provides municipal services by effectively directing all City activities, finances and personnel. The City Manager serves as Executive Director of the Redevelopment Agency and the Housing Authority; prepares accurate information and appropriate recommendations on policy matters to aid the City Council in decision making; carries out policies established by the City Council; prepares the annual budget; coordinates the City's working relationships with local, regional, state and federal public agencies on issues and problems affecting the City; coordinates departmental activities to assure City Council Strategic Goals are met; meet established milestones, quality requirements and budgets; coordinates and reviews all City Council agenda items to provide the City Council with timely, adequate information for each meeting; and serves as liaison between City administration and community organizations and citizens.

The City Manager is responsible for the direction of law enforcement, fire protection, animal control, and crossing guard services.  The City Manager also coordinates with Southern California Edison Company for parkland use of their easements and negotiates and monitors cell tower usage in the City.  Under the City Manager’s office, staff manages the Information Technology needs of the City. These needs include managing the City’s website, telephone system, public information dissemination for the City through the Public Information Office (PIO) Committee, press releases and social media. The City Manager’s also manages Emergency Management aspects of the City; and is the City Liaison to the Stanton Community Foundation and Neighborhood Enhancement Task Force

The City Attorney defends or prosecutes legal actions in which the City is involved; prepares and reviews ordinances, resolutions, contracts, opinions, litigation and other related documents; apprises City officials of changes in statute or case law for the purpose of providing legal advice and ensures that City activities comply with all pertinent laws. The City Attorney attends all City Council, Successor Agency and Planning Commission meetings. 
The City Clerk administers the City’s legislative processes. This entails conducting the City’s elections and serving as filing officer for the Political Reform Act; preparing agendas for City meetings, keeping accurate records of the meetings and complying with the open meeting law (Ralph M. Brown Act, California Government Code §54950 et seq.). The City Clerk maintains the City’s historical records as well as the Stanton Municipal Code and administers a City-wide Records Management program. The City Clerk serves as Clerk of the City Council, Secretary of the Stanton Successor Agency, Secretary of the Stanton Parking Authority, Secretary of the Stanton Public Financing Authority, Secretary of the Stanton Housing Authority and Secretary of the Stanton Oversight Board.

Personnel staff conducts recruitment and selection of candidates for positions in the City service; administers the City's Personnel Rules and Regulations, and related policies; administers the City's employee benefits program including health, dental, retirement and life insurance; and coordinates various employee training and recognition programs. This program also provides administrative oversight of the City's General Liability, Workers Compensation, Property and other insurance programs.

The primary activities of the Emergency Preparedness Program include emergency planning and training exercises, as well as the expenditure of resources for goods and services necessary to prepare the City for emergencies and disasters.

The primary activities of the Information Technology Program include management of the City’s computers and network infrastructure, data storage and management, website and the telephone system.
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