Community Development

Apartment buildings

 Kelly Hart, Community & Economic Development Director


The Community Development Department is responsible for administering the City's Planning, Building, Economic Development, and Housing Divisions. The Community Development Department is also responsible for administering the City's Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG).

The Planning Division processes development and use proposals to determine compliance with the goals of the City’s General Plan and development standards in the Zoning Ordinance. Planning Division staff is responsible for conducting in-house plan checks and field inspections on new developments.

The Economic Development Division helps businesses and developers by promoting incentives and assistance programs and offering technical assistance and support to start-ups. Economic Development staff is responsible for providing information and assistance to companies looking to relocate to the City of Stanton.

The Building Division reviews documents, issues permits for the formation or alteration of buildings, performs inspections and enforces compliance with the provisions of the Stanton Municipal Code and the California Building Codes.

The primary activity of the Parking Control Program is to enforce City Codes and Ordinances. Activities involve imposing parking laws, jurisdiction over the hearing process for contested parking citations, administering the permit-parking program, and collecting all parking fines.

The primary activity of Neighborhood Services is responding to public requests and field observations. Responsibilities include reviewing and researching of City files and archives; verification of specific conditions imposed on projects by the City; site inspections; and preparation of written communication to City Council, City Attorney and other City officials.