Friday, February 24, 2017
City Departments : Parks and Recreation Services

Julie Roman, Community Services Director

Department Overview
The Parks and Recreation Services Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by providing diverse opportunities in a healthy community through an integrated system of Parks, Recreation, Cultural and Human Service programs for people of all ages.   

The Department consists of three subdivisions: Recreation Services, Community Services and Senior Services. The Department provides the residents of Stanton an opportunity to Create, Play and Educate themselves through a variety of programs, services, classes, activities and events. The Department is responsible for the creation, coordination and implementation of recreational, educational, social and human services that serve a population ranging from toddlers to the very active retired community. In addition, this Department oversees the use of the City’s parks and community facilities and vast array of community information and resource assistance through two recreation centers, six parks, one sports facility and three out-of-school-time (OST) program sites.

The backbone of the Department’s success is the part-time staff, out in the field serving the community as well as the multiple volunteers who join us on a daily basis to fulfill our mission. Their assistance to staff creates a solid foundation of talented, skilled and service oriented volunteers, at no cost to the general fund.

While the Department programs feature many direct one-on-one services, technology continues to play an increasing role in our ability to provide a wider range of classes, programs and services. The City website, Twitter and Facebook provides the community additional access to departmental class information. With online registrations on the rise, the community continues to utilize the Department’s Rec-Trac registration program. With the re-introduction of the “City of Stanton Community News Parks and Recreation Activities Guide”, the Department has documented a rise in participant registration and inquiry.

The informative newsletter is mailed three times a year to every Stanton resident and business, advertising City services and contains a listing of special events, programs and available fee-based classes.

One major component of the Department is the facilitation of the Stanton Collaborative, a group of 50 local agencies and non-profits that service the Stanton community. The Collaborative meets once a month to discuss various community topics, issues, opportunities and services that are available to the youth and families in the City of Stanton. The vision for the collaborative is to strengthen and celebrate a diverse community where people have a safe and positive place to grow, build families and enjoy life.

The Recreation Services offers a wide range of programs and events for toddlers, youth and adults. These programs consist of youth sports, excursions and many lifelong learning classes including: early childhood classes, special interest, health and wellness, dance, tennis and fitness. Over 75 contractors provide class instruction while professionally trained staff works the management of the facility. A highlight of this division is the operation of a Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (GRIP) Out of School Time (OST) recreational programming at three sites.

The Division has implemented six special events with the assistance of non-profit organizations. The annual events include the Easter Egg Hunt and Pancake Breakfast, Volunteer Recognition, Spring Car Show, Halloween Fun with Family and Friends, Veterans Day Celebration and Christmas Tree Lighting. Picnic areas, fields, hall rentals and meeting rooms are available for reservation and staff processes over 200 requests each year.

The Community Services includes the operation of the Stanton Community Services Center as well as numerous activities and center special events that reach out to our youth and families population. This subdivision offers a wide variety of social and human services programs through the Families and Communities Together (FaCT) Grant. This $880,00o dollar grant assists the department in providing parenting classes, counseling services, domestic violence prevention, homework assistance, adoption services, early childhood education, commodity and food distribution and after-school programs.

The Division continues to offer Kids Night Out and Community Family events. Three seasonally themed Kids Night Out’s are offered to 150 families throughout the year, as well as the Cinco de Mayo Celebration and Family Friday event.

A major component of the Division is the development and implementation of the Community Engagement Advisory Committee (CEAC). CEAC is comprised of resident volunteers who assist the Division in seeking funding alternatives and markets avenues for the Stanton Community Services Center.
New to the Department is the Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership (GRIP) grant through the State of California’s Board of State Community Corrections. This grant is designed specifically to prevent further gang membership by working with elementary level schools by providing parents, school staff, and the students with gang prevention information and more importantly community resources such as counseling, basic needs, mentoring services and Out of School Time (OST) services. In addition, the school year is used to implement a curriculum for the entire school including staff and parents on gang prevention facilitated by law enforcement officers, deputy district attorneys and community based leaders. The success to GRIP is the multidisciplinary team partners from the community which includes the local law enforcement agencies, school districts, district attorney’s office, community and faith based organizations with each agency allotted specific segments to meeting the needs of the students. At the very heart of the GRIP program is the successful investment by families and students that school and their academic pursuits are key to gang prevention activities.

The Senior Services Division is responsible for programming and outreach to Stanton’s senior population. The division offers a wide variety of activities, events and programs, which include a daily congregate meal program, home delivered meals, special event luncheons, exercise classes, educational classes, health workshops, counseling, referrals and daily transportation. The goal of this division is to provide older adults with activities, programs and services that enrich their lives as well as providing them the ability to live independently while creating a positive and successful aging experience.
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