City Flag-Seal-Tree

City Flag - "Adopted January 24, 1989"

On January 24, 1989, Mr. Ard Keuilian, Indoor Swapmeet of Stanton, 10401 Beach Blvd., officially presented to the City of Stanton a duplicate of the Stanton flag they had made which hangs on one of three flagpoles in front of the Indoor Swapmeet building. On January 24, 1989, the City Flag was adopted:

Official City of Stanton flag 

A flag means "Unity"

City Seal & Motto - "Adopted March 24, 1987"

Official City of Stanton seal

The colors represent:
• Dark blue - diligence
• Gold - abundance, harvest
• Light blue - justice

Contests to generate a new City seal and motto were conducted in early 1987. The motto below has been led the City forward over the last twenty plus years.

"Community Pride and Forward Vision"

City Tree
Jacaranda tree
The City tree is the Jacaranda 

City Flower
Birds of paradise flower
Upon recommendation of the Stanton Women's Civic Club in October 1959, the Bird of Paradise was selected as the City Flower.