Am I a Stanton Resident?

At 3.1 square miles, the City of Stanton borders the cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove and Cypress. Stanton’s primary zip code is 90680, but the United States Postal Service zip codes and city boundaries do not always match up.  As a result, some people live within Stanton’s city boundaries whose postal code indicates that they live in Anaheim and Garden Grove.

You are a Stanton resident if your zip code is 90680.  If your zip code is 92804 (Anaheim) or 92841 (Garden Grove), you still may be a Stanton resident.  To verify if you reside within the Stanton boundaries, please click on the Anaheim or Garden Grove links below. If your address is listed, you are a City of Stanton resident. Please note, the list may not include all unit numbers, but all Stanton street addresses are listed.

For additional information or questions, please contact City Hall at (714) 379-9222.

City map of Stanton including official City Seal

Stanton Addresses in 92804 Zip Code

Stanton Addresses in 92841 Zip Code