Demolition of Structure

Remember to always check with the Planning Division and Engineering Division to confirm zoning and engineering requirements prior to beginning your project!

(Please provide three (3) complete sets)

  • Cover Sheet Information: address of project; name, address & phone number of project owner; description of project; schedule of demolition work.
  • Site Plan: (indicate scale); lot dimensions; plan view of the site showing the location of buildings; north arrow; identification of all streets and right-of-ways adjacent to the site; location of all driveways and site entrances; vicinity map
  • Plumbing/Mechanical/Electrical Demolition Information: plans or information sufficient to identify the location of sewer, power and gas (where capped).
  • Fire Protection Equipment Demolition: plans or information sufficient to identify the location of fire sprinkler supply.
  • Architectural/Structural (as required)

OTHER REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTS (2 copies, when required)

Asbestos and Lead based paint (LBP) requirements for demolition and Alteration Permits.


  1. Evidence of asbestos notification to the Environmental Protection Agency or its designee (SCAQMD).

Note: SCAQMD mandates a thorough asbestos survey of the building that is going to be demolished or renovated. It is then the contractors responsibility to have the asbestos removed by a state licensed asbestos abatement contractor and to notify SCAQMD by sending them a completed form 1403 by certified mail (the form is available at the city).

Typically you must always notify SCAQMD.

One exception from notification is when the asbestos survey reveals that there is less than 100 square feet of ACM (asbestos containing materials) and the project is a renovation, not a demolition.

The other exception is when the owner/occupant of a single-family residence is personally doing his/her renovation.

LBP2 (homes built prior to 1/1/1979 only)
At start of project

At Final

Certification of hazardous material removal to include a copy of the Bill-of-Lading from the licensed hazardous materials contractor showing type of hazardous material, quantity of material removed, location and date of disposal. Required prior to final.

Demolition Procedure

During demolition inspection, the following shall be inspected and Verified:

1On July 25, 1990, the Governor signed into law Assembly Bill 2791, which adds Section 19827.5 to the Health and Safety Code. Section 19827.5 states as follows:

Section 19827.5. A demolition permit shall not be issued by any city, county, city and county, or state or local agency which is authorized to issue demolition permits as to any building or other structure except upon the receipt from the permit applicant of a copy of each written asbestos notification regarding the building that has been required to be submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency or to a designated state agency, or both pursuant to part 61 of Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or the successor to that part. The permit may be issued without the applicant submitting a copy of the written notification if the applicant declares that the notification is not applicable to the scheduled demolition project. The permitting agency may require the applicant to make the declaration in writing, or it may incorporate the applicant's response on the demolition permit application. Compliance with this section shall not be deemed to supersede any requirement of federal law.

2Governor Davis signed California's first law to protect from lead poisoning. SB 460 makes "lead hazards" a housing violation under state law, authorizing building, code enforcement and health department officials to investigate and enforce the law. Under terms of SB460 (Ortiz, Chapter 931) it is illegal to create or have a lead hazard in residential or public buildings.

    1. The applicant declares that notification is not applicable to the scheduled demolition project. For the purpose of this Bulletin, the term "demolition" shall include the following:
      1. Partial or complete removal of an existing building or structure.
      2. Alteration or remodel of an existing building or structure.
      3. Other work that involve the removal of elements of an existing building or structure.
    2. Demolition and/or Building Permits can be issued 10 days after the date of mailing.
    1. Lead Testing of all areas to be disturbed on structure, and lead in soils testing of perimeter adjacent to proposed new construction or area to be demolished, prior to commencement of work.
    2. Copy of DHS Form 8552, Signed by DHS certified Inspector/assessor.
    3. Copy of testing results signed by certified Inspector/Assessor
    1. Lead in soils testing of perimeter adjacent to new construction and any bare soils areas.
    2. Copy of DHS Form 8552, Signed by DHS certified Inspector/assessor
    3. Copy of testing results signed by certified Inspector/Assessor
    1. Power lines' height and clearance
    2. Utility locations, including sewer, gas and water meter locations
    3. Sewer cap verification or if cesspool abandoned where structure is to be built, require hole and fill
    4. Minimum 6-foot fence installed at time of inspection
    5. Catch basin at street to be sand bagged
    6. All trash and debris removed from site