Community Workshops

Virtual House Workshop (Active Now): The City of Stanton welcomes you to share your ideas about housing in our community. What made you decide to call Stanton home? Or, if you don’t already live in Stanton, are there certain opportunities and challenges preventing you from living here? We want to learn more about your existing housing options, your housing priorities, and where you think Stanton’s share of new regional housing growth can be best accommodated.

We encourage you to consider this Virtual Workshop on Housing Priorities as a “three-step” process that replicates the traditional “in-person” workshop format in a new virtual way. 

This includes:

»Step 1: Watch the video below to learn more about Housing Elements and why we are updating ours.
»Step 2: Review the Housing Needs of Our Community PowerPoint presentation to better understand how we’re addressing the housing needs of current and future residents.
»Step 3: Share your ideas about housing by answering some or all of the questions linked below.

Step 1: What is a Housing Element?

Step 2: What are the Housing Needs of Our Community?

Step 3: Share Your Ideas