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Planner working with customer at counterThe Planning Division's responsibilities focus on two broad activity areas: Current Planning and Advance Planning. The Current Planning Section works with developers in the processing and review of development applications; while the Advance, or Long-Range, Planning Section is responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the City's General Plan, the adopted "blue-print" for growth of the community. Planning Staff work in concert with the other divisions of the Community Development Department and the other City departments to ensure that all development proposals are planned, designed and developed in such a manner as to compliment the community's overall quality of life.

In reviewing development proposals for consistency with City Zoning Code standards, staff also coordinates with other public agencies to see that the developer is meeting applicable governmental regulations. Development applications are reviewed for compatibility with surrounding land uses; architectural and site design features including, landscaping, parking, open space; other development standards; and adopted City plans and policies. Following approval of development proposals, the Division works with the Building Division in plan checking and field inspections during and after construction to ensure compliance with development standards and the Conditions of Approval.

The Advance Planning Section studies and formulates recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on long range policies and programs related to land use, housing, transportation, urban design, recreation, open space, public facilities and economic development. These topic areas, and others, are all components of the General Plan, which governs the present and future development of the city.

In addition to the above, the Division provides public counter and telephone assistance for the community, other governmental agencies and developers relating to planning, mapping, zoning and other information. 

Tina-Pacific Neighborhood Development Plan Project

The City has initiated an environmental review associated with the potential property acquisition and development of an affordable housing project in the Tina-Pacific Neighborhood.  Pursuant to State California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines, a Final EIR has been prepared, links to the Draft EIR and the Final EIR are provided here:

If you have any questions, or would like to comment on the Final EIR, please contact Mr. Jarad L. Hildenbrand at (714) 890-4277, or email to, or mail any written correspondence to his attention at Stanton City Hall, 7800 Katella Avenue, Stanton CA 90680.

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