Services provided through the finance and accounting functions include the maintenance of reliable accounting records, payment of approved demands against the City treasury, financial statement reporting, preparation of the bi-annual budget, prudent fiscal planning, payroll processing and reporting, and debt administration.

The cash management function is responsible for the prudent investment of surplus funds. The City's Investment Policy directs the investment of City, Successor Agency and Housing Authority monies with the following priorities established: preservation and safety of principal, liquidity necessary to meet daily cash flow requirements and maximized yield after the first two priorities are met. 

A centralized cashier safeguards and records all cash receipts and deposits received by the City.  The Administrative Services Department also administers the business license, transient occupancy tax and utility users tax programs. 

The financial statements of the City and the Successor Agency to the Stanton Redevelopment Agency are examined annually by an independent, certified public accounting firm, which renders an opinion that the financial statements fairly represent the financial position of the City and the results of its operations in all material respects. 

The Administrative Services Department also manages the Information Technology needs of the City, including computer equipment and software, data storage and management, website, and the telephone system. 

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