Current Efforts

Stanton’s approach to homelessness centers on a coordinated and regional strategy, a proven and promising model, that prioritizes getting people into housing with supportive services throughout the North Service Planning area. We offer access points to get people into housing and supportive services to maintain tenancy skills. Partnership with mutual assistance and cooperation for resources highlights that shared responsibility is key to addressing a complex local but dynamic issue.

March 2021: The City continues outreach efforts to provide unhoused individuals with resources with the goal of working towards permanent housing. Below is a graph reporting on the number of referrals made during the time frame September 1, 2020 - February 28, 2021. 

The City is currently recruiting for a second full-time Outreach Coordinator to work in partnership with our current Outreach Coordinator, expanding our efforts and increasing our ability to facilitate linkages to vital resources. 

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September 2020: The City hired a full-time Outreach Coordinator to work with unhoused individuals and connect them to resources and information to work towards permanent housing. 

July 15, 2020: Deadline to exit encampment sites. 

July 1, 2020: City staff and partners conduct daily outreach and engagement to help our homeless neighbors connect to services and shelter. The Buena Park Navigation Center is open, referrals can be made by homeless liaison officers or our street outreach team led by City Net and the County of Orange Health Care Agency.

May 6, 2020: Weekly street cleaning and disinfecting of our public sidewalks begins and will continue every Wednesday until further notice. Cleanings are conducted in conjunction with the county, our public safety team and engagement professionals to mitigate the issues surrounding the area. 

Public Notice

April 28, 2020: City Net and Stanton Police Services conduct weekly outreach and in-reach services in Stanton and manage an active case management roster of 62 engaged individuals. 

April 24, 2020: Stanton Census of Homeless Individuals Data Summary

  • Total Individuals Surveyed:  62
  • Total Individuals Responded:  52

January-March 2020: Outreach and Engagement Contacts

  • 290 individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Street Exits: 15 individuals

October-December 2019: Outreach and Engagement Contacts

  • 209 individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Street Exits:  30 individuals

July-September 2019: Outreach and Engagement Contacts

  • 201 individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Street Exits:  23 individuals

April-June 2019: Outreach and Engagement Contacts

  • 317 individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Street Exits:  16 individuals

January - March 2019: Outreach and Engagement Contacts

  • 195 individuals experiencing homelessness
  • Street Exits:  30 individuals

Since January 2016, Stanton has conducted weekly street outreach with 2,558 individuals transitioning 357 individuals from homelessness.


In 2017, Stanton became the lead fiscal agent to the North Orange County Public Safety Task to coordinate and regionalize homelessness efforts.