Neighborhood Services

The Community Improvement Program contributes to the safety and aesthetic maintenance of public and private properties through requiring compliance with City codes regarding illegal signs, land use/zoning, inoperable vehicles, graffiti, public nuisances, and other hazards/violations that left unchecked, would harm citizens' health, welfare and safety. This program is carried out through field investigations, notification, citation issuance, public education and coordination with other agencies.

The primary activity of the Community Improvement program is enforcement of City Codes and Ordinances in response to public requests, field observation and as directed by City officials. The enforcement activity involves field inspections, responding to public inquiries in person, by telephone or writing, documentation of facts, review and research City files and archives, record keeping, issuance of citations, preparation of written communication to City Council, City Attorney and other City Officials. The Community Improvement Program is responsible for enforcement of the City's Zoning Ordinance, Business License Inspections, Home Occupation Inspections and various other codes or sections thereof.

The Community Improvement Program also reviews and oversees certain safety contracts. The check for compliance of terms of each contract. Another area of involvement for the Community Improvement Program involves the verification that specific conditions imposed on projects by the city, such as use permits, variance and signage, have been satisfied prior to occupancy.